Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wes Des Moines 2010

I finally have something to blog about! I just made these super cute pin cushions, one for my mom and one for me, I love them! They are from the fabric I'm using to make my sister Janae's apron for her wedding June 12th, I just hope I get it done by then. Should be cute! We're now in West Des Moines for the summer, it's a really nice area, everything is pretty new and kept nice, the weather has just changed this week to being in the 90's and very humid. I feel for the guys that are out knocking on doors all day. Jared is doing very well, he's been the top rep in our office since getting out here, I love him! He's such a hard worker, I know I could never do what he does.
We've been thinking about making the move to Georgetown Texas to be closer to Jared's Dad, brother and sister in law (and kids), they are so fun to be around so it makes it a lot easier to know that we will have a blast. We both have a chance to be set up with jobs and housing is so much cheaper than in Utah. Will post more once the decision is final.
I'll be posting more pictures once I get more little crafts made, I'm excited!

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callister and Co. said...

I love the pincushions. So cute! And no you are not moving to Texas! It is not allowed. I can't wait to see more crafts.