Monday, July 26, 2010

New Makings

I really needed to update my duvet cover so I went and made this reversable duvet cover and accent pillow with flowers! I think it turned out pretty good, it'll be cuter once I can get two more pillows with brown shams to go with.
I'm really wanting to make this apron for my sister Nikelle's wedding, isn't it cute? We'll see if I can get it to turn out that way... I'll have to post the final project for sure.
Since Bella has been getting ticks every time we go for a walk and since they are so hard to find in her fur we decided to give her a trim... Oops, it was a little shorter than intended. I just hope it grows fast! lol
Now she looks like a cat / rat but still cute!!!


The Boudy's said...

CUTE bed! You are so crafty! Bella's haircut doesn't look that bad. I'm sure she loves it cause it feels cooler and its been so hot here!

callister and Co. said...

I love how your duvet turned out. Super cute. And the brown pillows will look awesome with it. I love the apron. I'm excited to see how it goes! And cute Bella. I think short hair on dogs is always cute.

Carly Ann said...

So cute! I think Bella looks I wierd?